This page is a link to two incredible people who i know who i can recommend from experience for any artwork or sculpture work you may want of your treasured pets. 

The first is Caroline Howlett, who lives in Hexham in the U.K, - she has the most gifted talent of capturing the soul of your animals in the eyes - check out her facebook page and her website for what i mean, and just to prove to you how good she is check out this picture of my Ibizan Hound 
Ch Paran Grace Under Pressure (aka Gracie) ......this picture captured Gracie perfectly, her stance, her face, ears and as i have said before the eyes... her spirit  will live with me forever in this picture.

Go on spoil yourselves ........it is definitely worth it....
Contact Caroline on her facebook page  : caroline howlett artist 

The next person is Marianne Felix from the Netherlands, she also has a unique talent artistically and i have got two Ibizan Hound pewter sculptures which i commissioned her to do.  They are unique and have pride of place in my dining room.  I have also commissioned some artwork from Marianne which i currently use for our English |bizan Hound Yearbook...

 Contact Marianne on her facebook page : Marianne Felix 
or visit her website  :    www.vanoxymoron.com

All fabulous stuff i am sure you will agree !!!!