You are welcome to visit our 
Club shows 
dates and venues as follow:

 Championship Show 
19th July 2014

Baginton Village Hall
West Midlands
United Kingdom

Judge : Mrs Eli-Marie Klepp 
(Rosenhill) Norway

copyright Marianne Felix
The Hunting Dogs of Ancient Egypt - Open Show 
in Conjunction with 
City of Birmingham Champ Show 
(No cc's on offer)

29th August 2014

Judges as follows:

Basenji - Miss Jane Addis (Savannahstorm)
Pharaoh - Miss Sharon Clarke (Canequiss)
Ibizan - Miss Maria Clarke
Sloughi - Mrs Claire Rishworth

Varieties and BIS - Miss Sharon Clarke (Cannequis)



The Kennel Club Building,
 Stoneleigh Park



Other Events:
6th - 9th March

Judge :  Carla Molinari (Portugal)

NEC Birmingham
West Midlands
United Kingdom

If you want to give your dog a chance to actually do what they were bred for without harming any animals then why not take part in some Lure Coursing. 
This is where the dogs chase after a plastic bag attached to a motorised line, which goes on a specified course around a circuit over one or more fields. 
It is usually held in controlled penned off fields and gives the dogs the chance to maintain their "fit for function" role. 

For further information go to the following link: 

Sally says 
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